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Academic Advising

Academic Advising is one of the most important factors in student success, and developing a good relationship with your advisor is key to that success. During your time here at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, your advisor can help you

  • Narrow down your interests and career goals
  • Build an academic plan to achieve your career goals
  • Find solutions to challenges and obstacles you might face
  • Identify valuable campus resources
  • Stay informed about program or transfer requirements
  • Choose and register for classes

New Students

Students who have never attended Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute or students who are returning after one year away should complete our Admissions process. Admissions Specialists will help you choose a program and register for classes for your first semester. Once the semester has begun, you will be assigned an academic advisor in your program.

Current Students

Students can find the name of their assigned Academic Advisor in Self Service:

  • Select Student Planning
  • Go to Plan & Schedule
  • Select Advising

All students must have approval from their Academic Advisor in order to register for classes. Please use the following steps to prepare for your meeting with your advisor:

  1. Log into Self Service and review your current academic progress under My Progress.
    • Check to see that your current program listed near the top of the page is correct.
    • Note the courses that you have taken so far.
    • Note what courses you still need to take to reach your goal.
  2. If you have not already planned out all your remaining courses, do that now, so that you can estimate your graduation or transfer date.
  3. Once you have planned out your remaining coursework, confirm your choices for the upcoming semester and search for the best section of each course for your schedule.
  4. Now that you have your tentative schedule planned for next term, you can either submit your Plan to your advisor for review by
    • Selecting Plan & Schedule
    • Select Advising
    • Select Request Review
    Or you can email your advisor personally to request an in-person or virtual meeting. If this is your first time meeting with your academic advisor, we strongly suggest meeting face to face, if at all possible, in order to discuss your educational and career goals.
  5. Check your student email account to hear back from your advisor about a meeting time or for verification that your courses will be approved.
  6. Once you have met with your advisor and gotten your courses approved, you are now able to register for classes beginning on your Priority Registration date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my advisor?

You can find the name of your assigned Academic Advisor in Self Service:

  • Select Student Planning
  • Go to Plan & Schedule
  • Select Advising

Watch a video tutorial showing how to locate your advisor.

What is Self Service?

Self Service is the online system that CCC&TI uses for student registration and planning. You can use Self Service to see what courses are required for your program and to plan and register for those courses each semester.

How do I log into Self Service?

You can access Self Service from the MyCCCTI Portal or directly from this Self Service link. Here’s a video link that can help you if you are having trouble signing in to Self Service.

How do I find the courses I’ve already taken?

You can find a list of courses previously taken in Self Service:

  • Select Student Planning
  • Select Plan & Schedule
  • Select Timeline

This is a quick way to see courses you have taken and/or transferred in to CCC&TI.

How do I see what courses I still need to complete my degree or transfer?

You can find your degree requirements and the progress you have made towards completion of those requirements in Self Service:

  • Select Student Planning
  • Select My Progress

There you will see all course requirements, including those completed, in progress, planned, and not yet started.

How do I plan out courses for future semesters?

In Self Service, from the Progress section, you can select the course number of any required or elective course and then add it to your plan for a future semester, and we encourage you to do that so you can fully plan out all the courses you need to graduate or to transfer to a university. Here is a video tutorial on planning courses in Self Service.

How do I find the courses I need to transfer?

Generally, the courses required for the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science programs will transfer to the universities, but the universities may apply that credit differently depending upon the program or major you pursue at the university. To be sure that you are taking all the classes needed for your specific bachelor’s degree program, refer to the university’s Baccalaureate Degree Plans and Transfer Equivalency Tools to help you choose your courses. For the North Carolina universities, those plans and equivalency tools can be found at this NC Transfer website.

When do I need to register for classes?

Visit the Registration page of the CCC&TI website for registration dates and other important deadlines. Current students will be assigned a priority registration date and time, and this information will be emailed out to students from the registrar’s office when the next semester’s schedule is available.

How do I register for classes?

You can register for classes through Self Service, using the Plan and Schedule tool. Visit this website for instructions/help on Self Service Registration, including video tutorials and a PDF Guide to Self Service.

How do I update my personal and emergency contact information in Self Service?

You can update your personal and emergency contact information in Self Service by selecting the User Options button on the left hand side. From there, you can update or confirm your emergency contact information, your email, address, and phone number. You will have to do this periodically to keep your information current. Please view this video for help updating your information.

Who do I contact if I have problems with Self Service?

Students can use the Student Services Virtual Lobby for a live video chat support session online.

How do I find/purchase the books I need for my classes?

The best place to purchase course-related textbooks is the campus bookstore. The bookstore will have all required texts or materials for your classes, and you can visit the bookstore in person or buy books online.

How do I get started in an online or hybrid class?

You will use Moodle to access your online class and assignments, beginning on the first day of class. You should try to log into your Moodle classes on day one to read over the course syllabus and complete required course entry quizzes. Follow this link for help logging into Moodle.

What do I do if I need to drop a class?

It is best to speak to your instructor before dropping a class, but once you have decided to drop, you will complete the Course Drop/Add Form and take it to Student Services, or use the Student Services Virtual Lobby to get help dropping your class.

How do I apply for financial aid?

The first step in applying for financial aid is to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), but there are many different types of financial aid available. Check our Financial Aid website for more information. (Remember that you will have to reapply for financial aid every year.)

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