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Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute is proud to offer many scholarship opportunities to help cover educational costs for our students.

CCC & TI Foundation Scholarships

Submit one application to be considered for over 100 scholarships, ranging in value from $250 up to $2,500 for curriculum programs

Continuing Education and Workforce Development Scholarships

Apply to be considered for funding to assist with costs of short-term training courses leading to workplace skills and certifications.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Community/External Scholarships

Additional scholarship opportunities available from external community organizations

Scholarship Application Tips

  1. Read carefully. Provide responses that actually answer the question being asked.
  2. Follow directions. Make sure to submit any additional documents that are requested.
  3. Confirm that your application is complete. Answer every question and double-check your entire application before submitting.
  4. Write an essay response that makes a strong impression. Be personal and specific in your response. Committees only know what you tell them so share your story!
  5. Watch all deadlines. Don’t wait until the last minute to submit. This is how careless mistakes are made that could cost you a scholarship.