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Distance Learning

Interested in Taking a Distance Learning Course

Find out all the in and outs on how to go about taking Distance Learning courses.

What types of Distance Learning Courses do you offer?

  • Asynchronous – Instructor and students are not present in the same place at the same time. Instructional materials may be pre-recorded or prepared as a tutorial for self-paced work.
  • Synchronous – course content is delivered in an instructor-led class on a fixed schedule, with students and instructors present. The classroom may be either physical or virtual.
  • Traditional Courses (in the classroom) – 100% of the instruction is delivered face-to-face with the instructor in the physical presence of students. This is true even when some instructional activities are conducted using web-based technology (always synchronous).
  • Internet Courses (online) – 100% of the instruction is delivered online. They usually have structured deadlines and due dates that must be followed. Courses may have proctored testing, but instruction is delivered online (can be synchronous or asynchronous).
  • Hybrid Courses (both online and in the classroom) – 51% – 99% of instruction is delivered online (can be synchronous or asynchronous).  
  • Blended Courses (both online and in the classroom) – 50% or less of instruction is delivered online (can be synchronous or asynchronous). Depending on the seated time, this could be as little as an assignment per week.
  • HyFlex Courses  (flexible options) – HyFlex is a multimodal instructional delivery method where the college has the option to deliver the online portion of a curriculum course synchronously, asynchronously, or both as long as 100% of the instruction is offered face-to-face, with the instructor in a physical classroom. Students may choose to attend the regularly scheduled in-person session or the online option on a session-by-session basis.
  • Correspondence Courses (self-paced) – Correspondence courses are part of a formal educational process under which the institution provides instructional materials, by mail or electronic transmission, including examinations on the materials, to students separated from the instructor. Interaction between the instructor and the student is limited, is not regular and substantive, and is primarily initiated by the student; courses are typically self-paced. 

Distance Learning Information

  • Visit the Online Learner Checklist webpage for helpful tips on taking an online course.
  • Pronto is a communication platform that allows students to communicate quickly and easily with instructors and classmates in courses administered via Moodle. Pronto can be accessed within Moodle under course information or on students’ Moodle course dashboard. Pronto is also available for download via the app store on connected devices. The following links can be used to download the Pronto app:
  • View the Distance Learning Orientation Video to learn the following:
    • How to be Successful in an Online Course
    • System Requirements
    • Online Course Expectations
    • Grading and Feedback
    • Online Attendance
    • Communicating with your Instructor
    • Tips for Online Success
    • Academic Integrity of Online Learners
  • Distance learning courses may require on-campus or proctored testing. Additional expenses may be incurred for proctored exams at locations other than CCC&TI for equipment needed to participate in the course, such as a webcam or microphone.

Distance Learning Support

CCC&TI offers one-on-one assistance with course navigation, using activities and resources, submitting assignments and more. You can also contact us if you need help logging in to your Moodle account. Please visit the MyCCCTI Login Instructions page for general technical questions. Support is available by college personal during normal business hours. Services requested during holidays and weekends will be processed on the next business day.

Campus Support

Photo of Susan Greer Proietti
Susan Greer Proietti
LMS Administrator
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Curriculum Instruction
Office: Caldwell–E–349 Work Phone: 828.726-2349
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Denise Friend
Instructional Designer
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Curriculum Instruction
Office: Caldwell–E–346 Work Phone: 828.726.2346
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Stacy Reagan
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Curriculum Instruction
Office: Caldwell–E–315 Work Phone: 828.726.2751
Photo of Ashley Roberts
Ashley Roberts
Instructional Technology Specialist
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Curriculum Instruction
Office: Watauga–W270–110 Work Phone: 828.297.3811 x5290

Self Service or Email Support

  • The Password Reset will reset your password for Moodle, Self Service, student email, and MyCCCTI portal.
  • Information about support for Self Service or Email issues can be found on the MyCCCTI Login Instructions page.