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Taking a Test for an Instructor

With instructor approval, students may come to the Testing Center to test for an online class or make up an exam for a seated course. Students from other institutions may contact us to check the availability of proctoring services.

Making an appointment can ensure the session goes smoothly by confirming:

  1. Testing Center staff have received the tests and proctoring instructions.
  2. The desired testing time aligns with instructor deadlines and staff availability.
  3. The tester understands what to bring and how to sign in for the session.

Important Notes about Instructor Testing:

  • A photo ID (driver’s license, college ID, passport, etc.) is required.
  • No tests are given after 6 PM Monday & Wednesday (Caldwell Campus only).
  • Tests must start at least 30 minutes before closing for lunch and at the end of the day (Watauga Campus Only).
  • It is important to know the instructor’s name, so the correct test can be administered.
  • Please bring all the materials that the instructor requires for the test.
  • If testing for an online class, bring your log in credentials for Moodle.
  • All tests must be finished in one visit. If the test is not completed, the instructor must approve an additional session.
  • No breaks are permitted unless specified by the instructor.

Instructors, see this guide for requesting use of the Testing Center.

Are you ready to schedule your test? Call or come by a Testing Center to make your appointment.