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Placement Testing

The Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence (RISE) Placement Test is an assessment used to determine college readiness and skill level in English and Math.

Students can take certain portions of the test, or the whole sequence, depending upon their program of study, course choices, or high school GPA.

  • Placement tests are given by appointment only.
  • The tests include two English tiers and three math tiers.
  • Tests are not timed but allow at least two hours for one visit testing.
  • Tests can be taken on one or multiple visits.
  • Before coming to take your RISE test, please go online to create your Edready account.
  • Bring your username and password along with a Photo ID on testing day.
  • Use this form to request your Placement Test Scores.

Am I exempt from placement testing?

Preparing for Placement Testing

Contact TJ Wilkie at twilkie@cccti.edu for the PLATO study website.

Other Study Resources:

CCC&TI’s RISE Placement Retest Policy

Students/applicants are allowed only one retest per subject in one calendar year based on the date of the original placement test. If a student retests, the highest score on each section will be used for advisement and course placement. Once enrolled in a developmental course and the course has started, a student may not retest in that course subject until the course has ended.
In order to retest, a student/applicant must:

  • Contact TJ Wilkie at twilkie@cccti.edu for the PLATO study website.
  • Complete ten (10) hours of self-study arranged through CCC&TI’s Academic Support Center.
  • Schedule an appointment to retest with the Testing Center.
  • Bring confirmation of the ten (10) hours of self-study (printout or documentation from the Academic Support Center).

Are you ready to schedule your test? Call or come by the Testing Center to make your appointment.