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Student Services Mission Statement

Student Services Mission and Goals

Mission Statement/Philosophy of Student Services

In keeping with the general mission of Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, Student Services provides the programs and services for students to gain access to educational opportunities and to succeed in their intellectual, social, physical, moral and cultural development.

Student Services’ philosophy is grounded in the belief in:

  1. the dignity and worth of each person,
  2. the uniqueness of each person, and
  3. the right for each person to have the opportunity to realize his/her fullest potential regardless of his/her race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background or religion.

Student Services Goals

In keeping with the mission and philosophy, Student Services’ major goals/objectives are as follows:

Goal 1: To provide a comprehensive program of services/opportunities that will insure a smooth transition for students from work or secondary education to the community college.

Goal 2: To provide a comprehensive program of support services designed to increase students’ academic success and completion of their educational goals.

Goal 3: To develop and operate a successful program which will recruit and retain students in order to serve students’ needs and the institutional needs for adequate enrollment for funding purposes.

Goal 4: To successfully conduct all the administrative support functions necessary to support needs of students, the college, the state, federal, and other external educational entities.

Goal 5: To provide a comprehensive program to enhance the transition of students from the institution to the world of work or to further education.