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Student Email Login Instructions

Access to Student Email

CCC&TI has implemented Single Sign-on!

What does this mean to me?

One less password to remember! Your Gmail and MyCCCTI password are now the same! Once you sign in to MyCCCTI, you will now be able to simply click on the unread message indicator, or calendar appointments and be instantly connected to Google without the need to login again.

The MyCCCTI Portal contains access to services such as email, Moodle, Self Service and more, all in one place.

  • All students will now use MyCCCTI to access their email account.
  • Your email address is your user name followed by “@students.cccti.edu”

Ready to check your Student Email via the MyCCCTI portal ?

Use this link to access the MyCCCTI Login page:

How to change your MyCCCTI Portal / Self Service password or update an expired password:

Please use one of the links below to change or reset an expired password:

It is strongly recommended that you utilize the ENROLL feature to set up personalized security questions for managing your password.

When your password expires, your new password must be 14 characters long and should include an upper-case letter and numbers.

Student Self Service Password Portal

Employee Self Service Password Portal

Need to know how to sign in to your email account?

  • Click on the Student Mail icon above to access the MyCCCTI portal login screen
  • Login to the MyCCCTI Portal with your User Name & Password
    • Your user name is first 4 letters of your first name followed by your middle initial followed by the last 5 digits of your student id.
      NOTE: If your first name does not contain 4 letters, use your full name, middle initial, and last 5 of your student id. If you have NO middle initial or name, use your first 4 letters in your first name, and last 5 of your student id.
  • Your password is Caldwell followed by your full 7 digit student ID.
    For example, if your ID is 0012588 your initial password is Caldwell0012588.
  • For more information and examples, go to User Name & Password Examples
  • On the MyCCCTI Portal page, access your email account by clicking the link in the upper left hand corner.

Need help? Call us!

Note: If you are having issues with MyCCCTI when you are using the Chrome Browser, try Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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Angela Kirk
Computer Information Services
Technology and Information Services
Office: Caldwell–F–229 Work Phone: 828.726.2629
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Morgan James Duncan
Systems Administrator
Computer Information Services
Technology and Information Services
Office: Caldwell–F–204 Work Phone: 828.726.2735
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Teresa Asherbraner
Senior Systems Administrator
Computer Information Services
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Office: Caldwell–F–209 Work Phone: 828.726.2734