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Meet the FA Visual Arts Instructors

Thomas Thielemann

Thomas Thielemann, the AFA Visual Arts Director at Caldwell Community College and Technical institute, is an award winning multi-media artist. Thomas’ work combines a variety of disciplines including printmaking, graphic arts, collage, and painting. His work is represented by several galleries throughout the Southeast and in Washington DC. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Georgia Southern University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Radford University.

Thomas teaches Printmaking, Computer Art, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Design I and II, and Art Appreciation. His focus in the classroom is on craftsmanship, methods, demonstrations, and design principles. He is a dedicated teacher, believing that true education can never exist without visual discovery and appreciation. His work can be seen at www.moonheadstudio.com.

Artwork by Thomas Thielemann
Hobre Lobo by Thomas Thielmann
Peerless by Thomas Thielemann

Laura Aultman

Laura Aultman received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2003, concentrating in the ceramic arts. During her undergraduate career, she was a studio assistant for raku artist Steven Forbes-de Soule, who resides in Weaverville, North Carolina. During that time she also received a research grant, which enabled her to complete an extensive undergraduate research project that focused on the crystal growth of zinc-silicate crystalline glazes. In 2003, Aultman presented her crystalline research findings at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research in Salt Lake City, Utah. After receiving her undergraduate degree, she was accepted into the graduate ceramic program at the University of Florida, Gainesville, under the tutelage of Linda Arbuckle and Nan Smith. She received her Master of Fine Arts in May 2006; and returned to University of North Carolina at Asheville where she taught ceramics as an academic scholarly leave replacement.

Ms. Aultman has been an art instructor for Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, teaching at the Watauga and Caldwell campuses, since 2008. She teaches Ceramics I and II, Design I and II, Sculpture I and II, Art History Survey I & II, and Art Appreciation.

Her ceramic work has been shown in art shows throughout the southeastern United States and has been published in Crystalline Glazes 2nd ed. by Diane Creber, 500 Plates and Chargers and 500 Prints on Clay by Lark Books.

Clue Crystal Saucer by Laura Aultman
Untitled 1 mauve by Laura Aultman
Detail by Laura Aultman

Maggie Flanigan

Maggie Flanigan is a North Carolina based artist working with ideas of community, intimacy and immediacy. Her experience in professional schools of crafts, community studios, and university settings have helped to define her interests in teaching in a playful and supportive atmosphere while maintaining and cultivating an artistic community. Maggie holds a BFA in Studio Art from Appalachian State University and an MFA in Photography from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Being deeply entrenched in education is of utmost importance to her career, staying engaged in the art community both through gallery and museum work as well as teaching brings balance into her personal art practice.

Currently teaching as an Instructor at Caldwell Community College, Maggie Flanigan specializes in teaching art and photography at all levels as well as working with alternative photographic process, printmaking, and mixed media fiber arts. maggieflanigan.com

Artwork by Maggie Flanigan
Artwork by Maggie Flanigan
Artwork by Maggie Flanigan

Scott Brown

Scott Brown is a sculptor residing in Linville Falls, North Carolina with his wife Susan and son Logan. Scott has a BFA in sculpture from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina and an MFA in sculpture from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee. His sculptures are concerned with the relationship between humankind and nature. Through the use of natural materials in juxtaposition with manmade ones he express his view of the world. He believes sculpture is a powerful visual language of self-expression. The forms he creates express a concern for tension and balance found throughout life. Life, like a river can be chaotic and ever fluctuating, but it also has periods of tranquility. Sometimes these aspects come together and merge into one in Scott’s work.

Scott teaches Design II and II, Sculpture I and II, and Drawing for CCC&TI.

Artwork by Scott Brown

Martin Church

Martin Church is a lifelong student of photography. Early on, he began to photograph his first inspiration, the landscape of the Southern Appalachian Mountains in Western North Carolina. Later, as a student at Virginia Intermont College, he was trained in Ansel Adam’s process of the Zone System and became a proponent of Edward Weston’s concept of Previsualization. While a graduate student at Radford University, he researched elements of chance and developed an alternative approach he call Partial-visualization. In this manner he considers many experimental options. By sacrificing the absolute control of the medium, he embraces working in an oxymoronic attitude called Advancing Backward.

Greg barb icc fir by Mary Dobbin
Photo 1 by Martin Church
Photo 2 by Martin Church

Jenelaine Carson

Jenelaine Carson is a Ceramic artist currently residing in Jonas Ridge, NC. After studying under master potter Dan Finch in Bailey, NC, Jenelaine went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from East Carolina University, and her Master of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. She has exhibited and taught extensively throughout North Carolina, Richmond, VA, and Philadelphia, PA.

Her sculptural work often morphs the internal and external both visually and conceptually, creating individual narratives in each piece. Her subject matter is often inspired by similarities between seemingly dissimilar forms found in her natural surroundings.

As a teacher, Jenelaine encourages students to explore new ways of thinking as individuals while developing observational skills, a strong sense of design, detail oriented craftsmanship, and practical knowledge of the medium.

Jenelaine teaches Ceramics I and II and Sculpture II and II.

Caramic art by Jenelaine Carson
Caramic art by Jenelaine Carson
Caramic art by Jenelaine Carson

Mark Peters

Mark Peters gained his master of Fine Arts degree from The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.

Mark Peters makes wheel-thrown, wood-fired functional pottery. Each piece is made by hand, often altered or assembled off the wheel. His work is a collaboration with clay and fire. Working with the clay’s inherent qualities to make objects that are complimented through the wood firing. Organic and loose in form yet bold and defined in structure, his pots have unique characteristics that make each pot one of a kind. Mark has taught at The John C. Campbell School of Craft, has made “How To” videos, and been published in several ceramic magazines.

Mark teaches Art Appreciation, Design I and II , Sculpture, Ceramics, Drawing, and Painting.

Pot R02 by Mark Peters
Pot R03 by Mark Peters
Pot R09 by Mark Peters