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Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management program prepares individuals to understand and apply the administrative and practical skills needed for supervisory and managerial positions in hotels, motels, resorts, inns, restaurants, institutions, and clubs.

At a Glance

Employment opportunities in the tourism sector of industry are favorable and growing at a steadier pace than other industries due to tourism’s direct and indirect effect on community jobs growth.

Earning potential begins at an average of $30,000 per year.

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Associate Degree: Hospitality Management

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Graduates of the hospitality management program at CCC&TI receive an Associate of pplied Science degree. Course work includes guest services, leadership, management, restaurant operations, lodging operations, marketing, sanitation, food preparation, food and beverage management, technical support and sales, customer service, and other critical areas. This foundation should qualify them for management trainee or entry-level supervisory positions in:

  • food and lodging operations
  • conference centers
  • resorts and spas
  • entertainment venues
  • travel organizations
  • vineyards

CCC&TI offers following educational program in this area:

Please review the Admission Requirements for the Hospitality Management program.