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Online Learner Checklist

  • Communicate with your instructor
    • Your instructor will notify you in some way. Make sure you are reading those communications.
    • Ask questions and reply to your instructor if you feel you don’t understand something.
    • Let your instructor know if you have an access problem.
    • Check your official student email.
    • Sign up for ReGroup. This is the alert system used by the college.
  • Attend any scheduled virtual sessions.
    • Your instructor may meet with you in a virtual classroom. Treat this just as you would any seated course.
    • Pay attention to the information presented in the virtual session.
    • Let the instructor know if there is a technology problem.
    • Watch the video about using our virtual classrooms.
  • Submit assignments on time.
  • Call Student Services (828-726-2200) if you will not be able to access these classes.
    • There is a plan in place to help students who do not have devices and/or internet access.
  • Contact your advisor if you have general questions.
    • All students have two advisors.
    • Call Student Services if you do not know the name of your advisor.
  • Ask for tutorial videos or screen shots.
    • If you’ve never taken an online course before, you may need to watch a video or look at a document to help you navigate your course.
    • Your instructor should be able to point you in the right direction.

Additional Resources

Online Student Support