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A Message from the President


A Message From the President

It is my privilege to share with you Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute’s new Strategic Plan. For years, CCC&TI has woven the strategic planning process, otherwise known as Future Search, into the fabric of the communities we serve. Planning for Future Search V started in June 2018, and surveys were sent to students, employees, and the community in January 2019.

Next came facilitated internal focus groups, in which nearly all employees and a large number of students, participated. Students were also given a chance to contribute through a writing prompt in ACA first-year experience classes by responding to questions related to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with the college’s mission, vision, and core values. All of the information was consolidated and analyzed by College Planning Council. With evolving information from each interaction, Future Search V was branded with a new logo and the title Transforming Lives: Engage, Innovate, and Lead.

In October 2019, community leaders from across our service region attended the Future Search V Conference at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center, where they participated in facilitated focus groups representing business and industry, public safety, local government, education, healthcare, arts and entertainment, and advisory committees. College Planning Council analyzed the focus group results and crafted a draft of the Strategic Plan. In May 2020, a final draft was sent out to all college stakeholders for feedback. The final 2020-2025 Strategic Plan embodies the vision statements, goals, and initiatives set forth by CCC&TI employees, students, and community. Now, the hard work continues as we put this plan into action.

As CCC&TI stands at the threshold of a great generational challenge, we are asking the following questions as we move into 2020-2025. How do we create genuine opportunities for all students, regardless of their backgrounds? How do we create educational equity, not just in access, but also in outcomes? How do we foster economic mobility through workforce development education and close the skills gap needed for specific jobs in Caldwell and Watauga counties? How do we improve the quality of life in our communities? We believe the Transforming Lives 2020-2025 Strategic Plan is a guide to actively answer these questions.

CCC&TI has been successful, but we certainly have more to achieve. We will spend the next five years creating a level playing field for college students of all backgrounds. We will zero in on obstacles our students may encounter; collaborate with community and educational partners; create an environment on campus that provides students with supports needed to help them succeed; build clear pathways to connect students with their goals; and provide innovative teaching strategies and technology to help students be successful.

As we focus on the next five years, let’s celebrate our successes and seize every opportunity to Transform Lives.

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Mark J. Poarch
President – CCC&TI