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CCC&TI Course Catalog

The 2024-25 Catalog is intended for informational purposes only. Though the College has made a good-faith effort to avoid typographical errors and other mistakes, changes in requirements, rules, fees, procedures, courses, and informational statements may occur after the publication of this catalog. Efforts will be made to keep changes to a minimum, but the college reserves the right to revise any part or section as may be required. Students will be informed of such changes. In any case, erroneous catalog statements do not take precedence over properly adopted policies.

Academic advisors and staff members are available to assist students in understanding the following requirements and regulations.

CCC&TI 2024-2025 Catalog

CCC&TI Catalog Archives

Earlier editions of the CCC&TI Catalog are available for review by contacting the Registrar’s Office 828-726-2712.