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The Foundation of CCC&TI

Helping students from our community is the main mission of the Foundation of Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute. The non-profit organization provides funding for scholarships, academic support, childcare and emergency assistance, athletics, counseling, and professional development, along with various achievement awards and grants. The Foundation’s philosophy is that in changing one life, you are changing families and the future of our community by enriching lives and creating a stronger workforce.

See How Your Gift Makes a Difference to Our Students

The Foundation’s Annual Fund Campaign is led each year by a large group of dedicated volunteers who believe in the power of education to change lives.

Annual Fund dollars provide scholarships for students with unmet need, help fund the Dream Award Program, provide for emergency and childcare assistance for students and much more.

Annual Fund Goal

The goal for the 2024 Annual Fund Drive is $460,000 which provides funding for the following:

Academics Support
Student Aid

The purpose of the Annual Fund Drive

Many people have the impression that the state provides for all of the college’s needs, but this is not true! The state does not provide enough funding for scholarships, work/study, childcare, counseling, other student aid, or changing technology. Technology is a rapidly changing field, and our equipment must be up-to-date for our graduates to successfully compete in the job market. State funds are simply not sufficient to meet the growing needs of our students or our institution.

To see all the ways that the Annual Fund supports CCC&TI and its students, visit our “Changing Lives” page.

Group of student in F Building

Donors Help us Change Lives

The Foundation is especially grateful to the many individuals, businesses, foundations, and industries throughout Caldwell and Watauga counties who continue to lend their strong support every year. Also, we cannot express how much we appreciate our own faculty, staff, college trustees, foundation directors, college retirees, and alumni who know the needs first-hand and contribute generously to help meet those needs. 

You can help change lives, too!

Every donation to the Foundation of CCC&TI’s Annual Fund Campaign makes a difference for students, for the institution and for our greater community.

To find out more about how to make a donation, how donors are acknowledged for their gifts and special donor recognition programs, visit our Donor Recognition page.

Foundation of CCC&TI Board of Directors

Dr. Kenneth A. Boham,
Board Member Emeritus

Dr. Mark Poarch – CCC&TI President
Ms. Margaret (Peg) M. Broyhill – Chair
Ms. Deborah Murray – Vice Chair
Ms. Karen Ford – Treasurer
Ms. Carmela Tomlinson – Secretary

Ms. Marla C. Christie – Executive Director
Ms. Lynn H. Holder – Accountant
Ms. Laurin Dula – Coordinator, Scholarships and Alumni Affairs
Ms. Shaina Dyson – Foundation Development Specialist
Mr. Edward Terry – Director, Grants

Ms. Anne-Lindsay Beall
Mr. Hunt Broyhill
Mr. Rick Coffey
Mayor Joe L. Gibbons
Dr. Wayne Hollar, Jr.
Mr. Douglas W. Johnson
Mr. Chase Keller
Ms. Joan McGee
Mr. Fred R. Piercy
Ms. Mary Frances Sullivan
Mr. Guy A. Walters, Jr.
Ms. Jamie White

Bradley Russel

Electrical Systems Technology
Harold F. Coffey Scholarship

Bradley Russell

This scholarship has greatly encouraged me to follow my dreams and gives me the confidence to further my studies. It really means a lot to me that everyone believes in me and has such an open heart to help me succeed in my life, career, and community.

Taylor Lowdermilk

Nursing – LPN to ADN Bridge
Blackwelder Scholarship
Bernhardt Family Scholarship

Taylor Lowdermilk

By awarding me this scholarship you have allowed me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, which is learning, and not as much on the burden of payment. This generosity makes me want to strive even harder to get good grades and become the best Registered Nurse I can be.

Elaine Harmon

Medical Office Administration
Turn It Around Scholarship
Claudia S. Kincaid Achievement Award

Elaine Harmon

Entering college as an adult has its own challenges and the cost of tuition and books can be a bit daunting. This scholarship will enable me to comfortably pay for tuition and the required books in the upcoming semester.

Sherry Crane

Business Administration
Bernhardt Family Scholarship
June Wendelborg Scholarship

Sherry Crane

It is a great honor to receive this award to further my education. There is no one more determined and self-motivated than I am to obtain my education so that I may be an inspiration to my children and other single parents who have or will be exposed to the hardships that I have endured.

Heather Ragan

Associate in Arts
John & Goldie Frazier Literature Scholarship
Marischa Cooke Scholarship

Heather Ragan

This scholarship award makes an immense difference in a family where we budget every car trip, every purchase, and any extras. It removes some of the stress of paying for an education, making a significant difference in my learning experience.

Carey Snellings, III

Information Technology
Foundation Scholarship

Carey Snellings III

I feel that getting this degree will get me back in the workforce, and will allow me to once again be a contributing member of society. This scholarship is helping me to get my life back. Nothing means more to me than the opportunity to start over and have a life that doesn’t revolve around what I can’t do but rather what I can.

Bryce Horton

Automotive Systems Technology
CCC&TI Automotive Scholarship
Rodney Armstrong Memorial Scholarship

Bryce Horton

This scholarship means a lot to me, as it will help me pursue my dream of being an automotive technician. The past year and a half has been a struggle at times, especially financially. I likely would not be able to attend CCC&TI without this financial assistance.