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Student Athlete Volunteers

Published: 12/23/2022

Student-athletes at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute volunteered more than 40 hours at Granite Falls Elementary and Hudson Elementary during the Fall Semester. Among their volunteer activities: reading to the class, greeting students in the hall, and opening doors at the car drop-off area. Plans for next year include expanding the volunteer efforts to more schools and additional activities such as eating lunch with students. “Being a student-athlete at CCC&TI is more than just playing a sport or going to class,” Associate Athletic Director Maggie Murray said. “We encourage community service and giving back as part of our student-athlete experience at CCC&TI.”

R J Black

RJ Black reading to students

Pharrell Boyogueno

Pharrell Boyogueno reading to students

Toyaz Solomon

Toyaz Solomon reading to students

James Freeman

James Freeman reading to students