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VMware IT Academy

CCC&TI’s VMware IT Academy is proud to announce course offerings in vSphere 8.0. We work hard to stay current with all VMware products.

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New Dates for 2024 just announced!!!

Our IT Academy training starts with the course designated version of vSphere as a base and then expands upon it to include new content based on changes and updates to the current vSphere version. Our vHOL (Virtual Hands On Lab) and course material follows the same format as VMware’s official Install, Configure, and Management vSphere training.

Successful completion of the ICM course, through CCC&TI’s VMware IT Academy, meets the requirements to obtain your VCP, (Virtual Certified Professional), certification. Please review VMware’s Revised Requirements for Certification document.

Check out the VMware vSphere: Install Configure Manage Course Outline for more information on course content.

Data sheet for this course.

Courses currently on the schedule:

Course/SectionTitleMeeting InformationInstructor
CTS-7009-503VMware IT Academy 10/21/2024-11/06/2024 Classroom Hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 06:00PM – 9:00PM West
CTS-7010-501VMware IT Academy08/19/2024-09/04/2024 Classroom Hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 06:00PM – 9:00PMWest

These self paced, half semester courses are conducted online and we provide live interaction with an instructor three days a week over an eight week schedule. All course materials, assessments, and labs are available through our online learning management system.

How To Register Online:

  1. Go to our Online Registration page
  2. Read the information on the page and then click on the link: “Self Service – Instant Enrollment”
  3. On the Search for Sections page enter “vmware” in the Course Code Number box.
    • To see all available courses leave the date entry as is.
  4. Click the “Search” button and the available VMware courses will be displayed.
  5. From the displayed list you can click on the course number to see more information.
    • If no courses are listed, contact Mark West (mwest@cccti.edu) for course availability.
  6. To register for a course, click on the “Select” button to the right of the course name.
  7. A pop-up will be displayed with the course information, click on “Add Section”
  8. Click on “Next” at the top, right of the page to go to the personal information page.
  9. Fill out all required personal information. Check the “certify” box and then click on “Submit”

If you already have a student account, you can login to retrieve your information.

If you are an international student, please contact Mark West at (mwest@cccti.edu) to register. We have trained people in VMware from all over the globe however we have a different registration procedure for our international friends.

How To Order Your Books Online:

  1. CCC&TI Bookstore
  2. Scroll down to “Order Books Online” and click on the link
  3. On the next page, scroll down to “TEXTBOOK LOOKUP” and under “Academic Term” click on “Continuing Education”
  4. Under “Department” click on “CTS – Information Services”
  5. Under “Course” select either the ICM or O&S
  6. Under “Section” click on the link and then you will see “Materials” and the book options.
  7. We have available both printed and e-book formats, (the books contain identical content it’s just personal preference).
  8. Once your payment has been processed you will receive an email with additional information. Printed books will be shipped to your provided address and the e-book will be directly downloaded via a link that will be provided. You can get these books at any time. If you live outside of the U.S. you will have to order the e-book

Frequently Asked Questions

How and When VMware classes meet?

All of our VMware course lectures are delivered “Live Online” using Adobe Connect and VMware’s Horizon View, (VDI), that works similarly to a remote desktop application. This allows us to teach anyone from anywhere around the world and interact “live” in real time with the class.

Each class is:

  • Recorded and will become available shortly after each lecture is competed, giving the ability to makeup or repeat any lessons
  • We also provide a virtual lab environment to complete the required lab work, giving you the ability to play and practice with vSphere throughout the length of the course.
  • Or “Live Online” lectures meet 3 days a week for 6 weeks from 6pm EST to 9pm EST. The typical format is 3 weeks of lecture – one week off – then two weeks on for 6 total weeks
  • We also give 2 additional weeks of 24/7 access to the lab environment to complete additional lab work or repeat labs and lessons to better prepare you for the VCP exams.

Here is a sample schedule:

  • Week 1: Live Online Class meets Monday through Wednesday 6pm-9pm EST. Thursday-Friday self-paced time
  • Week 2: Live Online Class meets Monday through Wednesday 6pm-9pm EST. Thursday-Friday self-paced time
  • Week 3: Live Online Class meets Monday through Wednesday 6pm-9pm EST. Thursday-Friday self-paced time
  • Week 4: No Live Online Classes. Self-paced lab time to catch up on lab work or repeat lesson
  • Week 5: Live Online Class meets Monday through Wednesday 6pm-9pm EST. Thursday-Friday self-paced time
  • Week 6: Live Online Class meets Monday through Wednesday 6pm-9pm EST. Thursday-Friday self-paced time
  • Week 7: No Live Online Classes Self-paced lab time to catch up on lab work, repeat lessons, and work on additional labs for VCP test prep
  • Week 8: No Live Online Classes Self-paced lab time to catch up on lab work, repeat lessons, and work on additional labs for VCP test prep

Will I be eligible to get my VCP (VMware Certified Professional) by taking your classes?

Yes, VMware requires you to take an official VMware course before you can test to become certified. If you successfully complete either the Install, Configure and Manage course or the Optimize and Scale course, you will be eligible to sit for the Professional Exam. By completing at least one of the courses and passing the exam you will receive a VCP certification.

(All of our VMware IT Academy courses are official and meet the requirements needed. You will be responsible for taking the VCP exam on your own terms. The VCP exam costs are not included as part of the IT Academy training but you do receive the exam vouchers which significantly reduce the cost).

What format are the classes?

The classes are taught through Adobe Connect live online with the instructor. You will have the ability to interact with the instructor and ask questions by chat or get support via email.

How do students connect to the online classes?

Our school uses Moodle as our learning management system, which is used by many universities throughout the country. We also use a program called Adobe Connect that is very similar to Go-to-Meeting, but based more for learning rather than meetings. Together, these applications make for a very unique and productive online learning environment.

Are there any exams, papers, projects or group projects?

VMware requires you to complete the labs for each course as outlined in the course books. VMware requires you to complete the official VMware IT Academy courses before you can sit for their exams to become a VCP (VMware Certified Professional). You can take the un-proctored exam online and the proctored exam at a participating Pearson Vue testing facility. The certification exams are not a part of the courses.

Will there be hands-on labs?

Yes. You will be accessing our equipment online and will be building your own virtual environment to work with to complete the course required labs. You will have access to your lab environment for the duration of the class. You will be connecting to our environment using VMware Horizon View which is similar to an RDP session, so you can have 24/7 access to the environment from anywhere that has a good internet connection.

Is the class difficult?

Most people would say yes. It is recommended that you have some experience with virtualization before taking a VMware course. It is also recommended that you spend significant time working with VMware vSphere before you take the exams. This is considered upper level computer training and not necessarily for beginners. The more time you spend working with virtualization the better off you will be.

Are there books for the class?

Yes. VMware requires us to use their official books. These books can be ordered through our online bookstore. We usually ship books out the day an order is received.

What does the syllabus for the vSphere 8 Install, Configure, Manage class look like? What will I be learning?

All of our classes are official VMware courses. You can view the syllabus for our ICM course directly from VMware’s website (https://mylearn.vmware.com/descriptions/EDU_DATASHEET%20VMware%20vSphere%20Install%20Configure%20Manage%20V7%20U1x.pdf).

What happens if I miss a class?

Every class is recorded and easily accessible. This is great for those who have to miss a class or anyone wanting to review a class on their own.

Who is VMware training available to?

VMware training is only available to individuals who may be a student in full or part time education, unemployed, career changers or trying to improve their knowledge and are paying for the training themselves. It is not for companies or corporate entities to obtain training for their employees – those individuals must go to a commercial VMware training offering through a VMware authorized training center.

Here are the questions that we recommend your registration process asks when an individual calls about, or tries to register online for, VMware training:

Are you employed?
– If yes – go to question two.
– If no – follow your normal process to register for an Official CCC&TI VMware Academy course.

Is your company sending you to this training?
– If yes – please contact one of the commercial VMware authorized training centers.
– If no – go to question three

Is your company paying for your training?
– If yes – please contact one of the commercial VMware authorized training centers.
– If no – follow your normal process to register for an Official CCC&TI VMware IT Academy course.

Certification Requirements

VMware IT Academy

Version 8.0

VMware VCP-DCV Certification Information for VMware IT Academy Students Attending Courses starting in or after July 2021

For candidates interested in acquiring a VCP certification, the following steps must be completed:

IT Academy Training

  • Step 1) Take either the vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage or vSphere Optimize and Scale courses at an IT Academy, (passing the course qualifies you to receive the exam voucher necessary for registering for the VCP certification exam).
  • Step 2) Pass the current version of the proctored vSphere Professional Data Center (PSE) exam, (taken through a Pearson Vue testing center).

IT Academy courses do not appear in VMware’s MyLearn / Certification Manager. IT Academy students use a special academic (PSE) exam voucher for the VCP certification exam and receive credit for the qualifying course)

*See full details for the VCP and all other certification paths: VCP-DCV (https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/certification/vmware-certifcation-tracks-presentation.pdf)

Important: VMware will NOT certify a candidate if:

  • The student attended courses at an IT Academy but DID NOT register for the special academic version (PSE) exams using the vouchers provided by the instructor. VMware will not accept commercial, (non-academic), versions of the exams for students of an IT Academy.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Vocational and Technical Services is to offer quality, accessible career and workforce development classes that are short-term in nature, and to prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment, development and advancement in the workforce.