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This course is designed to provide basic preparation for entry-level process technician jobs in bioprocess manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical manufacturing.

Course competencies include:

  • Understanding the role of a process technician
  • Safety
  • Quality processes
  • Measuring process variables
  • Transforming matter
  • Process technology (including processing equipment and plant utilities)
  • Controlling the process
  • Maintaining sterile processes
  • Growing living cells

Lecture/Lab 136 Hours

  • Unit 01: Pharmaceutical Quality and cGMP
  • Unit 02: Working Safely
  • Unit 03: Measuring Process Parameters
  • Unit 04: Chemical Processes in Biomanufacturing
  • Unit 05: Equipment and Materials
  • Unit 06: Controlling the Process
  • Unit 07: Facilities and the Manufacturing Environment
  • Unit 08: Biomanufacturing Production

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