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CCC&TI Trustees Sworn In

Published: 7/22/2022

In a ceremony at Thursday’s Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute Board of Trustees meeting, a new board member and two long-time board members were sworn in. Donna Church, Assistant to the Board of Trustees and the College President, administered the oath to new board member Student Government Association President Emily Norwood as well as re-appointed board members Dale Hamby, left, and Jim Sponenberg III. Norwood becomes an ex-officio member as part of her duties as president of CCC&TI’s Student Government Association. Sponenberg was appointed to another 4-year term by Gov. Roy Cooper and Hamby was appointed to another 4-year term by the Caldwell County Board of Commissioners.

Dale Hamby and Jim Sponenberg

Dale Hamby (left) and Jim Sponenberg III (center) with Donna Church (right).

Emily Norwood

Emily Norwood (left) with Donna Church.