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Textbook Lookup

Textbook FAQ’s

Is shopping at the campus store really my best bet?

Yes! Our campus store works to provide students with the best prices—from partnering with faculty to choose the most cost-efficient items—to offering used books. If you need to return or exchange a book, we make that easy for you.

Why shop the campus store vs. other online retailers?

With everything you need in one place, shopping the campus store means less time spent searching. Bottom line: we guarantee that you have the right course materials.

How do I shop at the campus store for materials?

You can shop online (Textbook Lookup | Caldwell Community College Bookstore (cccti.edu)) or in person. With our online store, you can quickly find what you need with menus to select courses and display materials.

What’s the difference between “Required,” “Optional,” and “Choice” textbooks?

  • Required: it’s necessary for the course.
  • Optional: the instructor has suggested an item that may be helpful.
  • Choice: It’s your choice to choose between a list of items that the instructor has provided.

What is an “ISBN”?

  • ISBN stands for “International Standard Book Number.” This unique identifier of each book edition is printed on the copyright page as well as back cover near the bar code. Checking the ISBN guarantees you’ve got the right book.

What is the difference between “New” and “Used” copies of a textbook?

  • Used copies are the same edition as the new, but previously purchased by another student and may have some notes or highlighting.

What are “Access Codes”?

  • Some physical books include a one-time-use code to access digital materials, and sometimes codes are available for purchase without the physical book. It all depends on how the publisher decided to offer the materials. Whatever the case, the campus store will present all of the options so that you can figure out which one is best for you.

What if I change or drop a class after I have the book?

  • In most cases, unused books are easily returnable to the campus within 14 days of purchase. Check your campus store for exact refund date and return policies.

What is “Buyback” (selling books back)?

  • At the end of each term (or whenever you no longer need the book), the campus store will buy back books based on the book’s current market value.