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Adult Learners

We’re here to help your journey be as easy as possible! 

It's never too late to finish your degree, gain new skills, or explore new opportunities!

No matter what you’re looking for, we can help! 

What can we do for you?

No matter if you’re working a full-time job, want to finish a degree, need to improve your skill set, or want to expand your knowledge – we’re here for you!

At CCC&TI we work with you to make sure you’re getting what you need, on and off campus. Our programs are extremely fliexible, and many have online or night options available. 

Not sure where to start? No problem!

Step 1 - Get in touch!

Get in contact with our staff, or use our Better Skills, Better Jobs interest form!

Step 2 - Plan

Explore some options that you might be interested in pursuing! 

Step 3 - Apply

Once you have your plan, all you have left is to apply! 

Popular Programs for Adult Learners:

Medical Office Administration, Radiology, Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) 

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Bring a snack and an open mind!

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Every month we host a lunch where prospective adult learners can come by, enjoy some snacks, and talk with one of our staff members to plan their next steps! 


Student Success

John Carpenter (28) of Morganton, North Carolina. 

John Carpenter is a previous student of CCC&TI – Graduated Fall 2023

Mr. Carpenter decided that after high school he would join the working world and put college on pause. He worked in a factory until he was 21, then came to Caldwell to get his commercial drivers license and hit the road for a few years. When asked what changed his mind about coming back to school, he said, “After a couple years I just realized I had a glass ceiling I was going to hit and so I was like, well, I really want to advance higher and get more noticed and into more administrative roles in the logistics system, so I was like, I’m going to go and try to get my Associate Degree done”. He had encountered several instances where he wasn’t being taken seriously due to his lack of an associate’s degree. He says he remembers thinking, “Well I can do this job just as well as they can, but nobody is going to take me seriously unless I have the qualification to back it up. So that was my main driving factor”.

Once he decided he was going back to school, he just had to pick where. Mr. Carpenter landed back at CCC&TI after looking around at other options. When asked why, he stated, “Cost. Definitely. Along with job growth” he continues, “the second biggest reason why I came here was obviously cost of tuition. I mean, being able to finish the first half of my bachelor’s degree at $75 a credit hour vs $200 is massive. I mean, now that I’ve graduated, and I’ve transferred to Western I’ve got 90 total credits out of my 120 and I’m completely debt free. So, I can’t, I can’t even say enough about just that value alone being able to come to this school”.


When asked about the resources we have on campus for adult learners, he has only good things to say. He found a lot of comfort in the adult learner program and being able to talk to other people in his exact same situation. He says, “it was definitely awesome to have people around my age group to be able to converse with and be able to say, ‘okay what are you struggling with?’ ‘Oh we’re struggling with the same thing, how did you overcome it so maybe I can overcome it’ that sort of thing”.


Even though he transferred to a 4-year university, he has already seen improvement in his job opportunities since graduating from CCC&TI. He says, “Just from getting my 2-year degree done, the jobs I’ve applied for I’ve been offered a lot more administrative rolls with a little bit higher pay than what I could’ve been able to get with just a high school diploma. That gives means lot of hope for the future, especially when I can finally get my 4-year degree done.” Mr. Carpenter received his associate in arts and associate in general education then transferred to Western to complete his Bachelors in Business Administration and with concentration in management information systems.



His piece of advice is: Don’t be scared to look into it. I always try to keep perseverance and motivation because there’s a lot of people here that are willing to help you and want to help you. And especially in the adult learner’s program, they understand people that are coming back at the non-traditional age have a lot more on their plate than the average 18-19 year old kid just starting out. So, they’re willing to work with you, they’re willing to provide resources for you and they’re willing to get you into a place where you can be successful.


I enjoyed my time here at Caldwell.

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