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Vision 5 – Institutional Enhancement

Vision 5

CCC&TI will enhance facilities, upgrade technologies, and advance operations to create an environment of excellence.


Ensure access to technology and related infrastructure to meet student and institutional goals.


  1. Enhance learning spaces and offices by providing upgraded technology and extended wireless connectivity allowing students and employees to use their personal devices on campus.
  2. Update the college’s business continuity plan.
  3. Enhance and protect the information technology infrastructure to support college operations and to provide consistent content delivery.
  4. Implement voice-over IP telephones and services in all offices.


Evaluate, update, and implement a long-range facility and revitalization plan, which includes rehabilitation of existing facilities and construction of new ones with a focus on the student experience.


  1. Invest in the physical infrastructure of campuses to meet the needs of students, employees, and the community.
  2. Prioritize accessibility in all facilities.
  3. Utilize college colors and mascot throughout campus to develop identity, a sense of belonging, unity, and comradery among students, employees, and the region.
  4. Create and implement a multi-year plan to bring all student learning spaces up to high-quality, learner-centered physical spaces.
  5. Address deferred maintenance for all college facilities.


Optimize campus resources.


  1. Utilize labor market data/assessments to guide decisions.
  2. Promote the use of data to all stakeholders to create a culture of inquiry.
  3. Evaluate processes to guarantee continuous improvement, and maintain accountability to ensure excellence.
  4. Create work design teams to tackle project-based issues.
  5. Provide safety upgrades to facilities and provide ongoing training to ensure a safe learning and working environment.
  6. Encourage employees to share their knowledge and skills on campus, regionally, statewide, and nationally.


Utilize external funding opportunities to strategically increase public and private support of programs, facilities, and services, creating an environment conducive to student success.


  1. Create a strategic resource development plan to build an expansive network of advocates and partners.
  2. Enhance resources through grants from federal, state, corporations, and foundations.
  3. Enhance existing and cultivate new donor partnerships.
  4. Increase revenue from private sources by creating Enhance resources through grants from federal, and engaging external relationships to expand support.