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Vision 4 – Engagement & Outreach

Vision 4

CCC&TI will elevate the college’s presence in the communities it serves.


Cultivate and strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships with business, industry, public schools, government agencies, colleges and universities, and communities to enhance ability to serve stakeholders.


  1. Show evidence of active Advisory Committees.
  2. Develop and implement processes to listen and respond to community needs, concerns, and suggestions.
  3. Partner with local business, school, government, and social-based organizations to increase educational access and opportunities in our communities.
  4. Share the CCC&TI story.
  5. Create new opportunities for collaborations and strengthen established transfer and co-admissions agreements with colleges and universities.
  6. Collaborate with community partners to identify issues with and explore solutions for transportation and student housing.


Build community awareness and engagement through branding and marketing efforts.


  1. Establish a marketing committee to ensure an accurate and consistent message is delivered in the community.
  2. Develop and implement an integrated institutional marketing plan.
  3. Promote the value of attending a community college to prospective students and potential employers.
  4. Partner with external agencies to develop professional videos highlighting programs and services, and show how programs lead to employment.
  5. Evaluate signage on all campuses and instructional sites for clarity.
  6. Utilize past, current, and future students in marketing materials to engage with the community.


Improve and expand presence in the community.


  1. Provide opportunities for employees and students to participate in unique community events, activities, and services.
  2. Work to remove the stigma associated with community colleges, making CCC&TI the first choice for students.
  3. Engage community, student, and employee focus groups to enhance recruitment, enrollment, and communication.
  4. Publicize college and student successes through news and social media using students of various backgrounds to represent the diversity of the communities we serve.