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Vision 2 – Quality Programs & Services

Vision 2

CCC&TI will sustain, enhance, develop, and deliver relevant and innovative educational programs and services that prepare graduates for significant careers and meaningful lives.


Align programs and courses with business, workforce, and transfer needs.


  1. Improve processes to provide seamless transfer for students.
  2. Explore different types of instructional delivery methods to meet student needs.
  3. Increase the availability of academic experiences.
  4. Explore new curriculum, continuing education, and workforce development programs.
  5. Create new non-credit offerings to complement credit programs.
  6. Identify needs of local business and industry to align instructional programs and credentials with employer needs.


Invest in students.


  1. Emphasize program outcomes and academic support opportunities to align with career and transfer ready initiatives.
  2. Develop and implement programming, services, and extracurricular opportunities to enhance student well- being, health and wellness, interests, and personal growth.
  3. Integrate essential life skills alongside program-specific outcomes in all programs to prepare students for today’s work environment.
  4. Increase meaningful work-based experiences to engage more students in service-learning, apprenticeship, and internship opportunities.
  5. Create innovative support programs to enable students to adjust to and succeed in a post-secondary education environment and achieve their highest potential.
  6. Foster an environment of learner-centered instruction.


Maximize sustainable processes, systems, and resource management.


  1. Modernize procedures and processes to minimize risk and guide operations.
  2. Strategically incorporate quality, leading-edge technology in all aspects of instruction to support the mission of the college.
  3.  Evaluate institutional effectiveness tools to make them more beneficial as well as user-friendly.
  4. Improve scheduling to ensure student access.
  5. Improve decision-making through increased awareness and access to comprehensive, timely, and quality data.


Establish CCC&TI as a leader in Online Learning.


  1. Establish a clearly articulated model for online and hybrid teaching and learning to align with national best practices.
  2. Enhance quality in online and hybrid environments.
  3. Investigate various types of online delivery and online learning to meet the needs of students.
  4. Investigate partnerships to ensure internet access in rural communities.
  5. Expand and enhance student support strategies for all online learners.
  6. Provide ongoing support and professional development for online faculty, staff, and students.
  7. Ensure instructor commitment to the design of relevant and engaging instructional strategies for all learners.