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Vision 1 – Student Success

Vision 1

CCC&TI will provide services and resources that empower students to succeed.


Focus on strategic recruitment and enrollment strategies.


  1. Create a strategic recruitment/enrollment plan focused on enhancing commitment to students and increasing educational opportunities.
  2. Optimize the environment on Caldwell and Watauga campuses, instructional sites, and online to support holistic student success.
  3. Improve on the one-college philosophy to integrate scheduling, shared resources, and better access for students.
  4. Revise policies, processes, and operations to enhance responsiveness to students.
  5. Evaluate and strengthen coordinated, data-driven advising processes that use intentional intervention milestones for students.
  6. Strengthen the student onboarding process.
  7. Increase educational opportunities and support services available to historically underrepresented populations to decrease equity gaps.


Increase college-going rate by recent high school graduates.


  1. Foster equitable access opportunities by identifying and removing barriers to relevant and affordable programs/services.
  2. Target college-wide outreach and support to students, schools, families, and communities to foster a college-going mindset among underrepresented groups.
  3. Decrease the gap between high school intenders and enrollment.
  4. Encourage attendance after high school in both credit and non-credit programs through awareness of regional career opportunities.
  5. Increase participation from underrepresented groups in Career and College Promise pathways and develop innovative pathways.


Increase student retention and completion annually.


  1. Enhance intervention and wrap-around support services for all students.
  2. Coordinate intentional outreach and interventions for students based on risk factors, and/or students experiencing academic challenges.
  3. Ensure all students have an academic map that enables them to progress along their educational pathway.
  4. Fully implement Guided Pathways to support students with resources to provide seamless transfer.
  5. Educate students regarding developmental education processes to expedite their entrance to college-level work.
  6. Establish a more inclusive campus culture and embrace student diversity and cultural awareness through unique opportunities on campus.


Engage with students to provide extraordinary experiences that lead to credentials and careers.


  1. Build a sense of community among students through involvement/participation in student activities, clubs, athletics, support services, and other learning initiatives.
  2. Increase student engagement opportunities.
  3. Close performance gaps among students from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Increase student satisfaction.