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Vision 3 – College Culture

Vision 3

CCC&TI will foster an institutional culture that promotes commitment to excellence and accountability through equity, inclusion, and diversity.


Improve college-wide communication.


  1. Assess current communication methods and develop comprehensive internal communication strategies.
  2. Investigate new administrative methods of providing feedback to questions and concerns, as well as implement innovative ideas.
  3. Remove communication barriers between campuses, divisions, and departments.
  4. Increase open-forum opportunities for students, employees, and Caldwell and Watauga communities.
  5. Evaluate the purpose and function for all standing and ad hoc committees.


Attract and retain a high-performing, diverse workforce that reflects the internal and external communities we serve.


  1. Strengthen employee skills through a supportive environment that encourages professional development and growth.
  2. Investigate the compensation plan to ensure the ability to compete for the best employees.
  3. Implement a new performance evaluation instrument and process to ensure all employees receive detailed feedback.
  4. Increase employee satisfaction.
  5. Enhance employee professional development opportunities focused on leadership development, student support and engagement, and provide customer-focused service.
  6. Increase employee engagement in activities and events, on campus and throughout the community.
  7. Create a succession plan for the retention and promotion of qualified employees.


Create a dynamic and diverse culture known as The Caldwell Way.


  1. Create, promote, and support learning and working environments that fully welcome diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  2. Recognize and celebrate employees, students, and achievements.
  3. Build pride and spirit among employees and students with an emphasis on best practices, customer-focused service, and adaptability.
  4. Ensure transparency in operations, and promote positive relationships between administration, divisions, campuses, learning centers, employees, and communities.