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Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Grants Data Warehouse

The Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute Fact Book is a product of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Grants (OIERG). Unless otherwise noted, all college data is pulled from an internally maintained OIERG data warehouse, established June 2015. Data prior to the 2015 summer semester was pulled collectively from Colleague in June 2015 to populate this warehouse. Data for the 2015 summer and fall semesters was pulled or updated December 2015. Beginning in spring 2016, all OIERG data warehouse data is pulled and saved at current census (10% into the semester), at midterm (9 weeks into the semester), and after census the following semester. All data for a completed semester is considered final for reporting based on Student Services processes and may vary from term to term.

FTE Data Note: All FTE data reported in this Fact Book is pulled from the NC Community College System (NCCCS) Data Warehouse as it becomes available.

External Reporting Note: Because data is pulled from an institutional data warehouse at select points in time and not the institution’s live Colleague system, it will differ from data collected and reported by external agencies, such as the NCCCS (North Carolina Community College System) and IPEDS (NCES Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System).

Additional Data Resources


Photo of Kate Rebecca Benoit
Kate Rebecca Benoit
Institutional Researcher
Office of Accountability and Strategic Initiatives
Office: Caldwell–A–107 Work Phone: 828.726.2616
Photo of Lauren Saunders
Lauren Saunders
Executive Director
Title IX Coordinator
Office of Accountability and Strategic Initiatives
Office: Caldwell–A–128 Work Phone: 828.726.2304